In today’s world gaining weight is as difficult as is to lose weight. Due to irregular food eating habits, many people have gained an unexpected weight and also have taken unwanted efforts for maintaining their proper weight. Similarly, there are many people who are struggling to gain weight. However, gaining weight can be simplified by just adding a few food items in your diet. Here are top 10 food items to gain weight.TOP 10 Food to Gain Weight and Stay Healthy

TOP 10 Food to Gain Weight and Stay Healthy

1. Smoothies

Having smoothie can prove out to be one of the tastiest as well as the best way of gaining weight, there are a variety of smoothies with different flavors and can be made at home. Here are few tasty examples you can try at home:

  1. Vanilla Berry Shake
  2. Vanilla Blueberry Shake
  3. Chocolate Banana Nut Shake
  4. Chocolate Apple Shake
  5. Hazelnut Shake
  6. Caramel Apple Shake

Provided these 400 to 600 calorie shakes can be taken with 2cups of milk (about 460ml).smothies

2. Rice

Just a cup of cooked rice (about 165 grams) can provide 190 calories. It’s convenient as well as a low-cost source which can help in gaining weight. Without any effort, a lot of calories can be obtained ecstatically. One of the popular methods is preparing a large pot of rice combined with healthy fats and proteins.Rice

However, a huge amount of rice is not good for health. Having extremely large amount can reduce the saturation of iron and zinc, and can also result in metal toxicity.

3. Milk

Milk helps in balancing fats and proteins.  It is a great source of calcium and other minerals and vitamins.  If you are trying to gain weight, milk is a great source which provides casein as well as whey proteins. It has been elucidated by studies that the mixture of casein and milk can provide higher mass gain than other sources of protein. It is important to drink one to two glasses of milk with a meal, snacks, or before and after a workout.

4. Yogurt

A healthy and convenient way of gaining weight is having yogurt. It has a well-balanced mixture of fat and protein. Thus, yogurt has a worthy nutritional profile.

Here are few healthy and weight gaining recipes made from yogurt:Yogurt

  • The combination of one to two cups of yogurt with dried or fresh fruit. Adding nuts or honey in it will give you a better taste.
  • A mixture of one to two cups of yogurt with cocoa powder and sweetener such as stevia. For extra protein, you can add a scoop.
  • One to two cups of yogurt with mixed berries and granola in layers creates a well-balanced, tasty and healthy breakfast.

5. Meat

Meats are probably world’s best muscle-building foods available.

Leaner meats have fewer calories than red meats. Hence red meat helps to gain weight and have more calories than any other meat. Comparing with lean and fatty meat, fatty meat has more calories which help to gain weight. However, both types of meat (i.e. lean and fatty) are good sources of protein.

6. Whole eggs

It is also important to be healthy to gain weight.  Eggs have a major role in gaining weight; they provide an excellent combination of superior quality proteins and healthy fats. The yolk contains almost all useful nutrients of the egg so it is crucial to eat the whole egg. If you are serious about your health and body, you must eat two eggs per day. In fact, many bodybuilders eat six or more than six eggs per day.egg

7. Potatoes

Healthy potatoes are highly regarded ways of gaining nutrients and calories which boost the calorie intake and aggrandize muscle glycogen stores.

8. Dry Fruits

An easier way of adding nutrients and calories in your diet is having dried fruits. Dry fruits have soaring sugar content so they are not ideal for losing weight. But high sugar content makes them perfect for weight gain. Dried fruits have many different types and are beneficial to eat. The combination of dried fruit with a protein source like protein shakes or cuts of meat provides healthy proteins and fats.dry fruits

9. Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolate contains a large amount of calorie density. Thus, many calories can be obtained from it easily. 100 gram of dark chocolate contains about 600 calories which include a lot of micronutrients and health-promoting compounds such as antioxidants, magnesium, etc.chocolates

10. Cheese

Rich in healthy fats and protein, cheese is delicious and can be added to most dishes. A small amount of cheese can add hundreds of calories.


So, gaining weight is just a delicious task. Eat good food, stay happy and enjoy desserts in your meal, and you will have a toned body. Never forget that anything taken in excess can be dangerous, so we always need to remember that not to have anything in excess, it can lead to any health problems. If you are having any queries or need any suggestion from us, comment here.