Hello friends, I will share Most Disgusting food in the World. Yes! you heard it right. I will share most Strange Food Around the World. These food are very strange and look very different and don’t ask about taste. Read the article and find strange food around the world.

Most Disgusting food in the World – Strange Foods Around the World

We live in a world of global diversity and diverse culture. We find it very surprising and strange when we come to know different food available and eaten in different parts of the globe. As someone said” one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I think it’s’ time for us to look around and dwell on the strange food that our homo sapiens across the world indulge in.

Chicken Feet

This is eaten in many places. I suppose it’s not fair to call this food as weird because it is eaten in different parts – South Africa, South America Caribbean, and in East Asia. They taste yum if they are flavored well. However, the bones get on your nerves while eating.

Drunken Shrimp

This is eaten in China. Chinese are known to eat whatever crawls, so they made this recipe very simple to make. Freshwater shrimps are soaked in baijiu, a strong liquor.

Monkey Brain

This is considered as a delicacy in China, Africa, and South Asia. Those who have eaten monkey brains say that it tastes metallic and mushy.

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Ant Egg Soup

This soup is cooked and consumed in Laos. The eggs of soldier ants are separated from them and soup is prepared with fish or beef and vegetables. The eggs taste like puffed rice and appear in the same manner.


This dish is eaten in The Alaska United States. King salmon heads are buried in fermentation pits. They are then put into plastic or wooden barrels and fermented for few weeks. This process is supposed to enhance the taste. I suppose this dish got its name from the process ”Stinkhead”. What a strange food name!


This is popularly known as Eskimo Ice cream, Alaska. Doesn’t the name sound sweet? It is actually made up reindeer fat, berries, groundfish and cooked in seal oil.


Sheep’s stomach is filled with stuffing made up of liver, lungs, heart, oatmeal, onions and other local herbs and spices. This is cooked on a low flame for three hours. This is  Scotland delicacy.


This is a delicacy from Korea which is steamed or boiled silkworm pupae. They are seasoned and garnished and eaten as a snack. The taste is similar to cooked mushrooms, soybeans or wet bark from the tree.

Casu Marzu

This is cheese made up of sheep milk. This cheese if contains live maggots wriggling, it means that this cheese is good to eat.

Cherry Blossom Meat

This delicacy from Japan looks nice and pink. It’s not the pink blossom flower that is served but the raw pink flesh that is served. It is Horse sashimi that is served. Such a strange food name, isn’t it?

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It is amusing to learn that taste buds of different people like different meat and flavors. What is not eaten in a certain place is considered as a delicacy in other places. There are people who don’t consume meat at all and eat only vegetables and fruits. While some part of the world eats any animal meat. Having said that, food habits vary with climatic conditions, availability of fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Last word on Most Disgusting food in the World – Top 10 Strange Food Around the World

The most disgusting food for somebody could be the tastiest food and delicacy to another. Some of the strange food names and the places where they are eaten are discussed. If you find this article informative, please share.