I will tell you top 10 best ways on how to make homemade bacon. You can make bacon with few home ingredients. You can throw a party at your home by serving your own homemade bacon. They will save your money and increase the taste. These ten ways to cook homemade bacon are easy to follow.How to Make Homemade Bacon - Top 10 Ways

Bacon?  Bacon is a meat product and it’s prepared from cured pork. It may be eaten smoked, boiled, fried, baked, or grilled. Bacon has eaten as a side dish also. Bacon is meat product its meat takes from animals such as Beef, Lamb, Chicken, turkey or goat.

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How to Make Homemade Bacon – Top 10 Ways

Make your own Bacon at home with your family or friends its fun also challenging to make bacon you can add your own mixture taste. It’s not healthy or not so cheap. You also need the patience to make bacon to get good bacon. You can use these top 10 ways on how to make homemade bacon.

Get your own bacon

If you don’t have the time of preserve & smoking of bacon than go & buy industrial pork bellies its weight 10-12 pounds this will sell through pounds which are easy to sell & buy.

Preparing the Skin

Open the skin from packet & place it on a slap. First clean your slab than place washes the skin with cold water. If you don’t wash it properly or with cold water it would not be soft or easy to cut. Don’t make laugh or fun of me if I say in first few attempts you can cut a little bit thick as you feel easy like I do but after few attempts, you really learn good cutting.

Remove the skin

Big fun is come to remove the skin which is very difficult work because if you cut uneven or so thin or thick that does not look good so have to cut all pieces in same shape & size. Removing the skin is a bit harder in a home because you really need a sharp knife & cut the skin from the corners & separates the skin from pork or you just have to ask your butcher to remove the skin from pork before you buy.

Mixture for Bacon

Basic Ingredients are salt or sugar or optional curing salt & pepper, white sugar or brown sugar, maple sugar, or even freeze-dried cane sugar juice. Ground or cracked black pepper or hot pepper flakes. You can get the good flavor by using this ingredient. Bacon makers in Scandinavia add juniper berries and other aromatic spices. You can mix this all using your fingers without making lumps.

Cure the pork belly

It will take 5 days. First, you have to rub the mixture on both the side of the belly the mixer which we made in our 3rd point than place the belly in a large plastic bag in roasting pan & put it in a refrigerator. Till 5 days you have to take out the bag and turn it & again place it again in the refrigerator this will do 5 days that it can dehydrate the bacon liquid which comes in a bag.

Rinse & dry the belly

Rinse the belly from the side by using cold water to remove excess salt then place the belly till it dry. Place this belly in a refrigerator for 4 hours or for overnight in your refrigerator & also turn it once or twice.

Smoke the bacon

Smoke the bacon according to the instruction you can preheat the bacon to 175 degrees or on charcoal smoker the temperature is between 160-180 degree. The smoking time range is 2-3 hours for internal temperature 150degree.

Chill & rest the Bacon

Cool the bacon at room temperature then place it in the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight that helps to set the flavors & taste. In the refrigerator, the bacon life is still 5 days or if we put in frozen it will survive till several months.

Cutting & cooking

There is a benefit of making your own bacon you can cut it small, big, skinny or thick. You can also grill or deep fry, fry & also you can make crispy as much you can. You can also bacon takes 20-25 minutes to cook & 350-375 temperature works best.

Small Topic on Salt importance in Bacon

It’s for those who really love bacon. A basic ingredient which you will get from any store for bacon is ‘pink salt’ is sodium nitrate. This is very used by butchers. This pink salt is used in any kind of meat like- sausage, bacon, beef etc.  there the people who search that sodium nitrate ‘nitrate’ cause you cancer & also fall you sick, But some says salt or natural nitrate rather than the pink salt some argument says nitrate free movement that actually your saliva fight cancer.

How to store Bacon

Storing the bacon in the correct manner it would be good for a long time. Keep your bacon in a zip bag or food saver so that it would not get the frozen taste. You just have to put that bag in hot water for 10-15 minutes & you can easily eat your breakfast & whenever you want to. I hope now, you get how to make homemade bacon. So go & make bacon for your family or friends or made with them. It’s not easy but not taught to make. I hope you like it.

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Conclusion How to Make Homemade Bacon – Top 10 Ways

These are the best and easy way to make a bacon. You can make homemade bacon easily by following these tips. Well, If you know any other method to make homemade bacon. The, do share with us in a comment below. And don’t’ forget to share this article with your friends.