Reducing excess fat from the body without reducing the muscles is like a dream for every fitness delivery. But thankfully that this may be possible. Yes, you can do so by consuming your diet, beverages, and by doing changes in exercise. Here are some helpful tips for realizing your dream.How to Lose Weight and keep Muscle - Diet Plan

How to Lose Weight and keep Muscle – Diet Plan

  • Eat foods that increase metabolism.
  • Take protein, carbohydrate, and fat in food.
  • Include cardio and weight training. Learn about limiting the training frequency.

Muscles and fat

Often you listen to people about losing weight, but in reality, they are wrong. Because losing weight does not mean just to reduce the body fat. In fact, the most responsible for growing the weight – water, glycogen, perspiration, and fat. But if the weight of the body is high due to fat, then it can increase the diseases. Therefore, whenever you think of losing weight, lower the excess fat from the body and not the muscles.

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Focus on Catering

To reduce body fat without muscle, special attention should be paid to catering. Include such a diet in your diet chart which does not increase the amount of fat in the body. Add a salad, beans, pulses, green vegetables, etc. to your diet. These are better sources of protein and fiber. The amount of fat in the body increases further when you are overweight. More food than hunger is the main reason for increasing excess fat around the waist and thighs.

So eat as much hunger as you can, do not eat more than hunger. To reduce excess body fat, it is important that you eat 5 times instead of 3 times a day. Eating in pieces gives a lot of protein to the body but the fat does not grow. Because eating in pieces our digestive system easily digested food and there is no pressure on it too. So add a habit to eat food in pieces.

Protein and carbohydrate in diet

If you are going to start exercising to lose weight without muscles then consume more amounts of protein because it is very important for muscles. In many types of research, it has also been proved that if the body is without muscle fat to reduce fat then increase the intake of protein. But do not take supplements for it; meet the protein requirements of diet. There are plenty of protein rich in fish, dairy products, and green vegetables. Fat in carbohydrate-rich substance is high, so if you want to reduce excess fat from the body, cut the carbohydrate. The amount of carbohydrate in junk food, fast food, fried foods, red meat, potato, cakes etc. is high, eat less of these substances.

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Do Aerobic activities

Regularly include aerobic activities in your routine, it reduces fat by the body but does not reduce the muscles. Aerobic activities such as running, swimming, cycling, stairs etc. play an important role in burning fat.

By doing weight training exercises, your body muscles are formed and excess body fat decreases. Strength training exercises strengthen the muscles of the hands, chest, shoulders, stomach etc. It also reduces the stomach, extra fat of the thighs. But do this exercise only 2-3 days a week instead of daily.


Do not Exercise More. Reducing excess body fat does not mean that you spend hours in the gym; it also affects your muscles. So do exercises but do not do it at all 40-60 minutes at all. By adopting all these remedies, you can easily reduce the fat by reducing the muscles. These are the best way to reduce/lose weight and keep muscles.