Hello friends, Today I will share top 10 best home remedies to get rid of a fever in 24 hours. You can get rid of fever by following these home remedies. These foods can remove fever and bring back you to normal.

What is a Fever?

All of us must have been lying in bed with high body temperature at some point or the other. It feels very unpleasant with a strange hot and cold feeling.  We feel very dull and not do any activity. But actually, fever isn’t really bad as it appears. When our body is infected, the body temperature rises as a defense. It is actually a good sign that our body immune system is fighting back on infection.

Our body normal temperature is 98.6F. Fever is normally classified into three categories:

  • Low fever: below 98.6 F
  • High fever: More than 98.6 F TO 103 f
  • Very high fever: more than 103 F

It is always advisable to check the body temperature with a thermometer. Consult with a physician is recommended. However, a few natural remedies will blow away fever in twenty-four hours.

How to Get Rid of a Fever in 24 hours – Top Home Remedies 

These are the best home remedies to get rid of a fever. You can follow any home remedy depending upon your suitability. We would also suggest you consult your doctor. If you don’t observe any positive results.

Adequate rest

Give yourself complete rest. Do not indulge in any heavy physical activities, as it may result in weakening of the body. Remember, your body is fighting infection. You must support your body to win the fight, and not make it weak. You will get rid of fever soon.

Fluid intake

Drink a lot of water when your body temperature is high. The raised temperature will cause dehydration, so keep you’re self-hydrated by drinking lot of fluids. Coconut water is the best during fever. It keeps you hydrated. Also drink herbal tea like peppermint or chamomile, to get rid of fever.

Bland or mild food

Eat at small intervals to give energy to your body, and eat bland or mild food which is easily digestible. Grandma was right in suggesting chicken broth or bone broth.

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Probiotics consumption will support the immune system and will help to fight infections. Most of the immune system is located in the digestive system, in the tummy. It is important to support the body by consuming probiotics and make the digestive system strong and get rid of a fever.

Be lightly dressed

Don’t cover yourself with a lot of blankets and clothes just because you feel cold. This will actually increase the body temperature, and will not help the fever to come down. Wear comfortable clothes, and cover yourself with a mild blanket. This balances the temperature, and gradually you will get rid of a fever.

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Take Luke warm bath

Generally, person’s suffering from fever don’t take bath, or take bath with cold water to get cold shocks. This is not a correct way to control fever. Cold water temporarily reduces fever, but body balances its temperature equilibrium by increasing the temperature. A warm water bath will help to balance the body temperature and eventually to get rid of a fever.

Sponge bath

A sponge bath without actually taking bath also helps to reduce the body temperature.  A Cloth dipped in water and squeezed out for excess water, placed on the forehead will help to reduce heat from the body. This has to be done at frequent intervals to get rid of fever.

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Increase calcium intake

According to a study, when there is fever, our body draws the ionizable calcium from the bones to fight infection. That is why we experience body aches. To protect yourself from these body aches and to feel strong, additional calcium supplements help your body to become strong and fight infection causing fever.

Last Words on How to Get Rid of a Fever in 24 hours – Top Home Remedies 

As the old saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”, stay strong by eating right and exercise regularly. Don’t panic if you have a fever. You can get rid of fever within 24 hours by following the above mentioned simple home remedies. You have all the answers for how to get rid of a fever and stay active. Please share this article with others to find it useful.