Itching is a very bad problem which can happen for many reasons. Due to itching, it can be itching when it comes to contact with chemical substances present in any of the insect bites, weather changes, any type of allergy, skin soap and in other cosmetics. Do not worry about it.Top 9 Home Remedy for Skin Allergy Itching

These itching can be far from some home remedies.

(Cause of itchy skin)

  1. Anything to be Allergy
  2. Insect bite
  3. Skin infection
  4. Cold weather
  5. Soaps and detergents
  6. Many types of medicines
  7. Other skin problems including infections such as fungal infections
  8. Hepatitis A, B, C, D etc.
  9. Kidney disease
  10. Diabetes

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Home Remedy for Skin Allergy Itching

  1. Baking soda for skin etchings- Baking soda is the best product to cure itching skin, itching medicine. It contains irritable properties that protect you from itching. Take 2 spoons baking soda and mix it with 1 teaspoon of water and make a paste. Place this paste in itchy place and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with plain water and wipe it well. Use baking soda carefully. Do not use it in a sensitive area.
  2. Home remedies with oatmeal-Antioxidants present in Dalia give relief to the skin and protect it from itching. Use raw cereal for good results. Mix 2 to 3 spoons of Dalia with enough water and place it on the itching part. Cover that part with a cloth and keep it for 30 minutes. After this, wash it with water and wipe it with a clean cloth.
  3. Home remedies with cold water-Itching and cold both move in the body through the same vein. Therefore, by applying cold water on the itchy skin, the problem of itching will be cured soon. Take some pieces of ice and bind them in a cotton cloth. Now keep abreacting on the skin for a few minutes. You can wash your skin with cold water. Keep in mind that does not use more cold water.
  4. Home remedies to remove itchy from Aloe Vera -Aloe Vera is an Ayurveda remedy for itching of the itching skin. It has many medicinal properties and it removes many skin problems such as rashes, burns, itching, and allergies. Cut the aloe Vera plant and remove its prison. Put this gel on an itchy place for a few minutes and then wash it. If there is no Aloe Vera plant in your house then bring the Aloe Vera prison to the nearest medical store.
  5. Home remedies with essential oils for essential oils for itching- Essential oils containing irritation properties, relax the skin, so that you get rid of the irritation. Any essential oil like basil oil, uranium oil, chamomile oil, calendula oil or Agrimony oil will prove to be effective. Take a few drops of oil and apply it on the affected area, or by adding oil drops in the bath water, take a good bath.
  6. Ayurveda treatment of itching with lemon- Itching reduces due to the antiseptic properties found in citric acid and acetic acid present in lemon. Limes are known due to their irritable properties. Measures to fix to itch, half lemon squeeze and place it in the affected area. Let it dry and then wash with cold water. It is a very effective recipe for the removal of itching in the house.
  7. The remedy to recover itching is to remove apple vinegar from apple cider vinegar-Apple vinegar has antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial and itching (antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-itching) properties. It completely eliminates itching in your body. Mix 2 to 3 cups of apple vinegar in warm water. Dip it in water for 15 to 30 minutes. After this, wipe your skin well and use a light moisturizer. Use apple vinegar daily. Alternatively, dip the cotton cloth in apple vinegar and apply it on the affected parts of the itching. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it with lukewarm water. Use this process for 1 to 2 times daily for a few days.
  8. Basil leaves-Basil leaves can be used to avoid itchy skin. Tulsi contains a substantial amount of eugenol, which is proven to be quite effective as essential oil and also an excellent aesthetic. There are also other elements like Kapoor and thymol, which effectively prevent itching. Put one teaspoon dry basil leaves in two cups boiling water. Now cover the husband for some time and let the mixture cool down. With the help of a cotton cloth, mix this mixture with itching on the affected parts. Find After this, keep the remaining mixture in a vessel for later use. Follow this process as often as possible, following as many times as possible. According to an alternative method, grind some basil leaves and rubbing them directly on the affected skin of your body. Leave it for some time to dry and then wash with lukewarm water. Make it more often to get complete comfort.
  9. With the help of clay- It helps in an erosion of soil and other skin problems such as acne. It proves to be very effective in poisoning worms such as bees, bears, and bees. It helps to remove poison from the skin and reduces the pain by doing the job of filling hurts quickly. Take a cup of clay and mix it with filtered water and make a thick paste. It is like peanut butter. After this, apply this paste of soil well in the itching places and let it dry. After that wash it and remove it.


These are the best home remedy to cure skin allergy itching. Try to follow any one of the following home remedies to cure your skin itching. If these home remedies don’t work. Then, consult a skin specialist as soon as possible. Do share this article with your friends and make them aware.