I will share top 5 best Greek diet Plan with healthy greed food recipes. You can check all kind of greek food in this article. We have shared the best Greek food with greek menu ideas for dinner party. You can use this Greek food to cook your favorite greek recipes. Make sure you check all the greek food once and make your diet according to them.

What is Greek Diet Plan – Healthy Greek Food 

Greek Food is a massive amount of vegetables, fish, olive oil, wine, and meat. Some of the favorite Greek Foods are lentil food, Faso-Lada, cured fish roe. Some of these foods are ancient while others are modern. Greek Foods are famous worldwide, and people from other countries are curious to have a taste of Greek Food. So, today we are going to talk about Top 5 Greek Food.

Top 5 Greek Food Benefits

Top 5 Best Greek Diet Plan – Healthy Greek Food Recipes

Greek Foods are known for their massive amount of olive oil, fish, wine, vegetables used in their dishes/cuisines. Mediterranean diet is also based on ancient Greek Food. It is due to their healthy diets, Greek people used to and still live long and healthy life. And if we go back to 1960’s these people had lowest death rates due to chronicle disease. The reason was their healthy diet. Here are Top 5 greek diet plan.

  1. Melitzanosalata

Roasted eggplants are used to make Melitzanosalata which contain a huge amount of fiber and antioxidant. Additional ingredients are olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic. Along with its delicious food, it also protects our body from radicals. Melitzanosalata is usually used as an appetizer for dipping bread. But some people also use it to spread on a sandwich.

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  1. Dolmades Greek

Dolmades are also served as an appetizer or main dish. It contains spices and herbs which give a delicious flavor along with some health benefits. Some people even use occasional meat, rice for their taste that’s why Dolmates vary in different origins.

  1. Avgolemono

Famous as a traditional soup of Greek usually contains eggs, rice, lemon and some other ingredients different origins. As a sauce, it is used as warm Dolma. Italian Jewish use it as a pasta sauce. Some people in Greek serve it with meat. Some people also add some amount of lemon in it to give it a flavor.


  1. Souvlaki Greek

Containing small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables Souvlaki is considered as Greek fast food. People usually serve it with grilled bread and on a dinner plate. Souvlaki is sold out all over the Greek. It is full of protein which has essential amino acid and helps the muscle to increase. In the 21s century, it is served as fast food in Greek restaurants with fries and pitas.

  1. Horiatiki salad

Villagers in Greek find it very useful for the health that’s why it is more popular in Greek’s villages. This salad contains tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, olives, and feta. Which makes it rich in fibers, protein. It is also sprinkled on salad, which is made from sheep or goat’s milk. Along with its delicious taste, it is beneficial for our health.

Last Words on Top 5 Best Greek Diet Plan – Healthy Greek Food Recipes

These are the best greek food to eat. You can add all these greek food in your daily greek diet plan. This health greek food will help you in a great body. You can also share your favorite greek food in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.