Chicken is one of the most know diseases in the World. It is caused by virus Varicella-Zoster. Chicken Pox is a skin allergy disease. It is usually observed in children or young age people. But, these days Chicken Pox is observed in the form of red Rashes on the body. These days Chicken Pox is so common that observed in every age group. Chicken Pox is very common and increasing rapidly in the form of rashes and other skin allergies. We will discuss in detail about how Chicken Pox. I will share all kind of precaution and home remedies to cure Chicken Pox of the human body.Top 10 Chicken Pox Home Remedies - Fast Recovery

How Chicken Pox is Spread

Chicken Pox is a communicable disease. It can be transmitted from one to another with physical or even saliva contact. The Varicella-Zoster virus can transmit rapidly when human come in physical contact. A person suffering from Chicken Pox should avoid contact with human or any other objects. It was observed that even clothes can spread Chicken Pox from one person to another. This disease is very fast in spreading from one human body to another and is found very common in young children. Even newly born children sometimes time suffering from Chicken Pox. This disease is very common and observed once in life to a human. After that body become immune and it is not further observed. But currently, Chicken Pox is observed even afterward in the form of red rashes.

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Chicken Pox How Many Days to Recover

Chicken Pox can take several days to cure depending upon the type of treatment. Firstly, It takes usually 10 to 15 days to find whether a person is suffering from Chicken Pox or not. After the detection of Chicken Pox and start of treatment, it takes halftime to cure. Yes! It takes very less time to cure Chicken Pox. It can take maximum up to 7 – 10 days to cure Chicken Pox. You can cure Chicken Pox by several methods.

Top 10 Chicken Pox Home Remedies – Fast Recovery

You can cure by several medicines and even by Home Remedies. There are several home remedies to cure Chicken Pox. I will share top 10 best home remedies.

  1. Chicken Pox has very sharp itching in the body. To avoid itching, take a bath with oatmeal flour mixed with water. Boil 2 cups of oats flour in 2 liters of water, boil for about 15 minutes, bake the cooked flour in a cotton bag and put it in a bathtub and shower the baby.
  2. Drinking lemon juice gives relief in Chicken Pox. Vegetable juice and other fruit juices also provide relief in it.
  3. By putting neem leaves in warm water, itching ends with a bath.
  4. Mix half spoon baking soda with a glass of lukewarm water and apply it on the whole body let the paste dry. Chicken Pox gets better soon.
  5. Mixing half a cup of apple vinegar in light hot water provides relief from the bath.
  6. Carrot is very beneficial in Chicken Pox. By eating boiled carrots and coriander, the weakness that comes from Chicken Pox can be reduced. Making a carrot and coriander soup is relieved by drinking.
  7. Mix tea with basil, millet, and chamomile, then add honey or lemon to it and drink it. Drinking these most well-made teas a few times a day provides relief.
  8. Cook green peas in water, apply water to the body, this ends with Chicken Pox rash.
  9. Apply honey on red wheels. By applying honey the rashes end. Honey is the most effective home remedies for removing red rashes.
  10. Apply Chicken Pox to Vitamin E oil. This brings relief quickly.

Take cold water in the bathtub and put ginger in it and leave it for thirty minutes. After that sit in this water. This gives relief in Chicken Pox itching.

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Conclusion on Top 10 Chicken Pox Home Remedies – Fast Recovery

These are the best home remedies to cure Chicken Pox. You can cure Chicken Pox by these remedies. But, I would personally suggest you wait for 5 days to see the result. If you don’t find any cure in Chicken Pox. Then, consult a doctor immediately. In most cases, We found a positive result. So I would personally recommend you to try these home remedies once. Do share this article with your friends.