BENEFITS OF MILK: According to Ayurveda, milk is the most important thing for the body, it is important to be included in our diet. Ayurveda advises everyone to drink lightly hot milk regularly. Vitamins (A, K and B12), Thiamine and nicotinic acid, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and sodium are found in milk.Benefits of Drinking Milk at Night

According to Ayurveda, some rules of drinking milk are being debated quite a lot about what is the right time to drink milk. If it is consumed in the day it will give us energy throughout the day. If it is drunk in the night, then it will remove the mind and remove the insignia. Ayurveda has given priority to drinking milk at night.

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The effect of drinking milk at different times:

Morning: Drinking milk is not recommended as it is heavy in digestion.

Afternoon: Drinking milk at this time gives strength to the elderly.

Evening: Drinking milk during the evening has a good effect on the eyes.

Night: Drinking milk at night is considered as the best because it tastes body fatigue and sleeps well.

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Benefits of Drinking Milk at Night

1-It is good to drink milk at night because it contains amino acids trip open which helps increase the level of sleep hormone is.

2-Milk contains calcium which strengthens the bones. Also, because of the reduction in a race in the evening, the calcium of milk gets absorbed in the bones comfortably. There is a protein that is beneficial for the development of the muscles.

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Take care of these things while drinking milk:

1-Those who have weak digestion, any kind of skin condition, cough stomach worms and stomach all the time, they should avoid milk.

2-Milk should never be taken with food because it cannot be easily digested. It should always be heated and drinking separately.

3-If the milk is not drunk with cold, more and the right foods then it can be bad for health.

4-Those who have lactose intolerance, they should not drink milk.

5-Drinking milk at night also causes obesity.


Drinking milk at night is the best time to drink. It makes us sleep well and has several other positive effects on our body. How many of you drink milk? I think the majority of the people drink milk. But it’s not about drinking a milk. It is about the timing to drink milk. I would suggest you drink milk at night. You can drink milk at any time you want. But for health try to drink at night. I would suggest you share this article with your friends and make them aware of this fact.