Blood Donation can save someone life. And it can also improve your health. Donating blood is the best way to improve your health and body. Blood donation has the advantage of our own with others – how? Let go! Understand in detail. Important information related to blood donation which I am sharing with you on this post in today.Benefits of Blood Donation - Improves Health

Benefits of blood donation

Due to the lack of government policy regarding blood donation, there is a lot of suspicion about blood donation in many people’s mind. Why is it necessary to donate blood and what to do if needed, let’s know friends:

♥ Blood donate can save the life of another person.
♥ Blood cannot be produced by any type and there is no alternative to it.
♥ 40 million unit blood of 250 cc is required every year in the country. Only 5,00,000 unit blood can be provided.
♥ 7% of the total weight of our body is blood.
♥ According to statistics, more than 25% of people need blood in their lives.

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What are the Health Benefits of Blood Donation?

  • Blood donation reduces the risk of heart attack. Doctors believe that blood donation is diluted by donation, which is good for the heart.
  • According to a new research, regular blood donates reduces the risk of getting cancer and other diseases because it exits the toxic substances present in the body.
  • After making blood donate, Bone marrow creates new red cells. In addition to getting new blood cells, the body also receives health.
  • Blood donation is a safe and healthy tradition. The amount of blood that is taken in it, it makes the body in 21 days again. The volume of the blood becomes fully completed within 24 to 72 hours.
  • There is a mini blood test before giving blood, in which hemoglobin test, blood pressure, and weight are taken. After blood donates, it is examined for hepatitis B and C, HIV, Syphilis and malaria. If symptoms of these diseases are found, they are notified immediately without taking donor blood.
  • The only reason for the lack of blood is lack of awareness.
  • Men and women who are over 18 years of age, who weigh 50 kg or more, can donate blood three to four times a year.

Keep this in Mind before Donating Blood

  • If only 3% of blood donates people have blood, then blood shortage in the country can be overcome. Doing this can prevent untimely deaths.
  • Smoking should be avoided before and after a few hours of blood donated.
  • A person who donates blood donation should not drink alcohol 24 to 48 hours prior to blood donation.
  • All questions asked before blood donates should be given the correct and clear answer.
    Note – After donating blood you can do the same work as before. There is no shortage of body in it.

Reach this message to every man and every group so that the misconceptions of blood donors can be overcome and those who do not donate blood should also keep themselves healthy by saving, even more, blood and save many lives.Give your blood, flowing in someone’s veins. It’s a wonderful way to stay alive in a variety of things.

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Comparison of Blood Groups “What is your Blood and how much is it available”

  • O + 1 in 3 37.4% (Available in abundance)
  • A + 1 in 3 35.7%
  • B + 1 in 12 8.5%
  • AB + 1 in 29 3.4%
  • O-1 in 15 6.6%
  • A-1 in 16 6.3%
  • B-1 in 67 1.5%
  • AB-1 in 167 0.6% (rare)

Compatible Blood Group by Donation

  • O-can take from O-
  • O+ can take O+, O-
  • A- Can take A-, O-
  • A + can take A +, A-, O +, O-
  • B-can take B-, O-
  • B + can take B +, B-, O +, O-
  • AB-can take AB-, B-, A-, and O-
  • AB + can take AB +, AB-, B +, B-, A +, A-, O +, O this is an important message that can save somebody’s life.

Please Donate blood and Save life. It will also help you to improve your health.